I See Everyday as an Opportunity to Eat, Move and Live Better

My Philosophy

I view wellness through the lens of evolution. Our bodies evolved over millions of years. Our biology hasn’t caught up with the way we live today. That discord is fueling widespread stress, anxiety, obesity, metabolic disease, lack of quality sleep, etc.

I focus on holistic strategies targeted toward longevity –increasing “healthspan” as well as lifespan. Cutting edge research shows us that lifestyle profoundly affects how we age.

Every one of us is different, a concept called bio-individuality; a superfood for some leaves others bloated, foggy and sluggish. 

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I am Fascinated by the Complexity of the Human Body

For years my life followed a predictable trajectory. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College and went on to work as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, where I handled much of the physical inventory of energy products and precious metals. After two years, I pivoted from crude oil to olive oil.

I moved to Italy, where I co-founded a company working with small, family-run, artisanal food producers. There I learned to love simple, yet delicious, real fresh food.

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Lifestyle Plays a Key Role in Our Overall Health

Upon my return stateside, I embraced my culinary passion, training at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Through marriage, I experienced the world of thoroughbred horse racing. I dined at Windsor Castle with the Queen and rode camels in Dubai. 

When I learned about holistic health coaching, I knew instantly that it would be a powerful complement to my gastronomic background. In 2017, I was certified as a health coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. More recently, I completed a nutrition and lifestyle medicine program with Harvard Medical School.

In my free time, I’m happiest hanging with my teenage daughter or dear friends, walking in the woods with my Goldendoodle, doing yoga, gardening, or cooking something yummy to enjoy with friends.

Calorie restrictive diets do not work over the long term

Let Me Teach You How to Eat for Optimum Health and Relish Every Bite!


Client Love

“I’m an MD, and I deal with lots of patients who could really use a Sarah on their team! She understands the holistic nature of wellness – how every aspect matters. You can have the best diet, but if you are unhappy in a relationship, not sleeping well, or not moving your body, you’re not going to feel good. Sarah is an amazing listener, and a gifted source for guidance.”

- D.

“Working with Sarah has made a huge difference in my life. For starters, she has revolutionized my eating. She taught me to make better decisions at the grocery store, introduced me to new foods and ingredients, and showed me how to prepare easy, quick and delicious meals. Basically, when it comes to food or health, I do whatever Sarah tells me to do, and her advice leaves me feeling great!”

- m.

"I’ve tried every fad diet out there, and I mean every single one. Some worked for a while, but the weight always came back. Not anymore. Sarah created meal plans full of foods I love that satisfy me. The extra pounds are gone, along with gas, bloating, and constipation. She has also helped me get better sleep, improved how I exercise, and supported me through really stressful times. She is one of the most positive, non-judgmental people that I’ve ever met. And, she manages to make it all super fun."

- A.